George Dougherty

Thank you for visiting this site. I am a practicing lawyer who believes that individuals can, and should work to make their communities better. To this end, I have served on various community organizations since moving to La Grange, Illinois and have had the privilege to represent the taxpayers of District 204 on its school board since 2008. 

On this site, I plan to post (and sometimes discuss) matters of importance to our community, including the surrounding areas. I am hopeful that posting these matters will lead to more involvement in civic issues by members of the communities and result in better decisions by, in addition to others, our elected officials, including myself.   

To the extent you participate in any discussion, I would hope you do so within the spirit of this site -  a vehicle that is intended to generate constructive discussions about issues that may effect on community. Please take the time to consider the materials provided and provide thoughtful insights. It goes without saying that name calling, insulting behavior and the like is not anticipated and will not be tolerated. I look forward to your active participation and thank you in advance for it.