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SOLO TRUMPET (may work for other B-flat or soprano ranged instruments)

Angels We Have Heard On High – $10
-{B-flat piccolo trumpet; part is in C, with Sibelius orchestrated Wav file accompaniment} Inspired by Maurice Andre’s In Excelsis Deo recording and Tine Thing Helseth’s version of this same carol, Dr. D desired to create an arrangement that captured the joy of the Christmas season but was perhaps more accessible to younger/advancing players. For professionals this setting should be MEDIUM ADVANCED, but advancing students may find it more difficult, depending on their comfort level with the intricacies of the piccolo trumpet.

J.S. Bach—What God Ordains Is Always Right {part is in C, with Sibelius pipe organ Wav file accompaniment} – $6
-The simplicity of the chorale melody allows musicians a wonderful chance to work on expression, quality of tone, and beauty of phrasing. Many instruments could play this setting, and it should work in various octaves. SIMPLE but PROFOUND.

Beneath the Cross of Jesus—{B-flat flugelhorn, cornet, or trumpet with piano. Sibelius orchestrated Wav file accompaniment is available, consisting of piano, clarinet and cello} – $7
-This arrangement is by my friends Fred Powell and Ruth Brown, and I adapted it with their permission to fit my needs. It is a brief, but beautiful setting, which works well for meditative moments of introspection. MEDIUM.

Geometrics {Unaccompanied, B-flat or C trumpet} – $5
-Contemporary work with mixed meters and mathematical relationships as the name implies. Though modern in sensibility, it is not implicitly dissonant, and has catchy rhythms and tuneful, melodic sound clusters throughout. MEDIUM- ADVANCED with practice.

Jesu Joy {C Trumpet with Sibelius orchestrated Wav file accompaniment}  – $10
-This is the setting Dr. D uses in his church concerts based on Bach’s classic. Re-imagined for a modern audience, the famous chorale and flowing counter-melody are Bach’s, with re-harmonizations, modulations, and ornamentation befitting the present day. MEDIUM ADVANCED.

On A Gladsome Day {Piccolo Trumpet in A and String Quartet} – $6
-Brief, processional music written for flower girl’s entrance between bridal party and bride’s fanfare. MEDIUM ADVANCED.

Silent Night {Flugelhorn and E-flat or B-flat trumpet with Sibelius orchestrated Wav file accompaniment} – $10
-Beautiful setting of a seasonal favorite, only the final stanza will be found to be challenging, and the included ossia provides a practical alternative for advancing students. MEDIUM with stanza three MEDIUM ADVANCED.


Standard quintet instrumentation of 2 trumpets, 1 horn, 1 trombone, and 1 tuba. Most of these were intended for Artisans in Brass, and should be considered professional as to their skill level. However, beautiful music that speaks to the soul does not have to be difficult, and sometimes a simple work can have great challenges in its execution, and great rewards in its delivery. Please read through the descriptions for an overview of the different pieces. Titles are listed alphabetically, but transcriptions are ordered according to the composer’s last name, followed by the title of their composition.

All Hail the Power – $15
-As recorded by AiB, this arrangement includes three melodies associated with this popular text. Each voice receives interesting lines and sections of the melody. Dr. D prefers to perform the trumpet one part on C and E-flat trumpet. MEDIUM-ADVANCED with trumpet one ADVANCED (for endurance).

Angels We Have Heard On High – $15
-A joyful arrangement of the traditional French carol, this piece has bell-like fanfare interludes, solos for horn and trombone, and of course trumpet features! MEDIUM-ADVANCED in difficulty, with trumpet one doubling on piccolo trumpet.

J.S. Bach—My Spirit Be Joyful – $15
-This setting is in E-flat (many others are in D), and has been recorded by AiB. Fred prefers to play the trumpet one part on B-flat piccolo trumpet. The fantastic running bass lines are a great vehicle for your tubist, as Corey demonstrates in our AiB concerts. Always an audience favorite! ADVANCED.

J.S. Bach—We Hasten With Eager Footsteps – $15
-The trumpets cover the vocal duet parts, leaving the low trio to approximate Bach’s accompanying orchestra, so this work keeps all the quintet members busy. The individual parts, especially the trumpets, are medium in technical difficulty, but the ensemble coordination and blending of musical elements to achieve a smooth rendition will be a good exercise for the group. MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

E. Bagley—National Emblem – $15
-This famous, patriotic march has also been recorded on AiB’s Just A Little Off the Top album. The tuba and trombone lines are close to the original as found in the band version, but the upper voices have more alteration to include some of the interesting woodwind lines. Certainly playable by collegiate ensembles, and a good challenge for advanced, serious high school groups. MEDIUM.

Battle Hymn of the Republic – $10
-The well known hymn of Civil War era origin has been set in a medium difficult level arrangement. Careful attention must be given to the tempo changes, but this piece is within the reach of high school and church groups. Its duration is on the shorter side, and it has a light-hearted feel with a happy, upbeat ending. MEDIUM.

William Byrd—Sing Joyfully Unto God – $10
-Cited in music history texts as an example of the English anthem, this transcription makes a great piece for younger quintets to use in recital but also to work on blending, balance, and ensemble coordination. No dynamics have been included in this edition, for the purpose of having the players discuss and then choose how they would like to interpret the work. MEDIUM-EASY.

Come, Christians, Join To Sing – $15
-This setting includes parts for piccolo and flugelhorns for the trumpets. Challenging writing for all parts, with interesting, modern harmonic excursions. Advanced college quintets and professionals will find this to be exciting programming for recitals and festive church occasions. MEDIUM-ADVANCED with trumpet one ADVANCED.

Cwm Rhondda (Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah) – $15
-A Welsh hymn arranged with a Celtic flair, your ensemble will have fun presenting a fiddle like counter-melody against the venerable hymn, along with bag-pipe drones and lilting figurations. Interesting writing for all parts. MEDIUM-ADVANCED to ADVANCED.

Claude Debussy—The Girl With the Flaxen Hair – $12
-Debussy’s famous piano work allows the brass quintet to highlight its ability to render beautiful phrases and lush, singing sonorities. Advancing ensembles will also find this arrangement and excellent exercise in intonation accuracy. Trumpet two can be played on flugelhorn throughout. MEDIUM in difficulty except for trumpet one, which should be considered MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Echo Carol (How Great Our Joy) – $15
-Reminiscent of the Venetian Renaissance, this arrangement has a Gabrieli-like flavor that quintet enthusiasts will recognize, while audience will find a majestic treatment of a familiar Christmas staple. Good high school and church ensembles should be able to take this one on, and college and professional groups will enjoy the “classic” nature of the piece. Trumpet parts are for C trumpets; interesting and melodic material is distributed throughout all voices. MEDIUM to MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Fairest Lord Jesus – $15
-Rick Nichols and George contributed to this arrangement. It presents both the traditional melody as well as a new tune of Rick’s. Interesting harmonies with ample horn features characterize a lovely setting that builds to a climactic and majestic final stanza before fading away to a peaceful conclusion. MEDIUM in difficulty though the horn part may be considered MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Dan Goeller—On Jordan’s Stormy Banks (orchestral reduction) – $15
-This is the setting AiB recorded on Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs. With Dan’s permission, George reduced his orchestral work for quintet and this is the result. One of our most requested pieces, it works well for church concerts and in recitals where its Americana flavor always brings a smile to audiences’ faces. MEDIUM-ADVANCED, with trumpet one ADVANCED.

Of the Father’s Love Begotten with O Come, O Come Emmanuel – $15
-Opening with a tuba solo, the two melodies combine to form a plaintive statement of humanities longing for redemption. Though not technically difficult, it will require solid tuning, rich tonal color, and great ensemble cohesion. The trumpet parts are for C trumpets with sections recommended for Flugelhorns. MEDIUM.

Folk Hymn Variants (Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy)  – $15
-A challenging work for advanced collegiate and professional ensembles looking for something unique to add to a recital program. Each quintet member is featured on this folk song that originated in the Southern Harp collection. ADVANCED.

Giovanni Gabrieli—Canzona Prima a 5 – $15
-This transcription is a new take on the standard work. I opted to raise the key one step, and re-voiced a few passages accordingly, which I felt made a few “muddy” sections speak more clearly. It is not one of the better known Gabrieli works, and I think it should be. Appropriate for younger college groups through professional ensembles. MEDIUM.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – $15
-A fun and spritely setting of the well-known British carol, this arrangement is MEDIUM for all the parts except trumpet one, which is MEDIUM-ADVANCED or ADVANCED. The final melodic statement is both a round and contrapuntal in nature, and the whole piece is based upon a rising quarter note motive that returns periodically. Trumpet parts are for C Trumpets with trumpet one doubling on piccolo trumpet.

Gioseffo Guami—Canzon 19 – $15
-Like the Gabrieli transcription listed a few tunes above, I believe this is an interesting Renaissance-era work that should be better known in brass circles. My edition clarifies dynamic parameters and is clearer to read than the other versions I have encountered. In my opinion, it is a college and above level piece. MEDIUM-ADVANCED, more for ensemble intricacy than endurance.

Holy, Holy, Holy – $15
-This has also been recorded by AiB. Inspired by the accounts found in Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4, it begins with a dreamlike, descending motive, with the familiar hymn emerging in a subdued fashion. It gently builds, with every member of the quintet allowed opportunity to play the melody. The trumpets sound antiphonal calls to illustrate the angelic beings described (who inhabit the throne room of Heaven) calling back and forth to each other, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” The tempo gradually increases until a thunderous rendition of the hymn emerges. As the prophet Isaiah and the Apostle John are overcome by their visions of God’s majestic holiness, they fall on their faces at their sense of unworthiness. The music fades and the opening dream motive returns, while fragments of the hymn sound in the distance. The song ends quietly in an attempt to challenge the listener in the same way Isaiah and John were challenged—what should they do in light of what has been revealed to them? Playable by good high school and church groups, while still interesting to collegiate and professional players. MEDIUM, with the horn part MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

A Holst Celebration: $20 for all 3
1. March from Moorside Suite {E-flat trumpet for trumpet 1} – $10
2. Song Without Words from Second Suite for Band {calls for doubling on flugelhorn for both trumpet parts} – $10
3. Jig from St. Paul’s Suite {C trumpets} – $10
-Intended as a suite, but playable separately. The outer movements are ADVANCED, mostly from an endurance standpoint, but the Song Without Words is not as technical. Rather, its challenges will lie in beautiful interpretation of the phrases. MEDIUM.

How Firm A Foundation – $15
-Commissioned by Dr. David Brown for the MBU collegiate brass quintet, this arrangement is playable by advanced high school group and church ensembles with diligent practice, and interesting to professional groups looking for sacred material for church services. The opening fanfare recurs as an interlude. An inner verse is lyrical and serves as a horn feature, and the final stanza uses tuba in an ostinato capacity with a trumpet one descant. Optional flugelhorn doubling for the trumpets. MEDIUM to MEDIUM-ADVANCED in difficulty.

In Dulci Jubilo (Good Christian Men Rejoice) – $15
-Sub-titled, “Bach Meets Doc,” the opening and concluding sections of this arrangement feature Bach’s famous chorale harmonization of this ancient melody. The inner sections depart from those traditional sounds, and are quite up-beat, with the melody passed between the quintet members. Festive and fun! MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

In the Bleak Midwinter (with Still, Still, Still) – $15
-This is a ballad like setting that your audiences are sure to enjoy. Smooth melodic lines over lulling, cradle-rocking accompaniment characterize the opening and closing sections, with the Still, Still, Still and a hint of Silent Night reserved for the middle. Trumpet parts double on flugelhorns with trumpet one also calling for piccolo trumpet. MEDIUM, with trumpet one MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Jesu, Joy (an arrangement of Bach’s classic) – $15
-Re-imagined for a modern audience, the famous chorale and flowing counter-melody are Bach’s, with re-harmonizations, modulations, and ornamentation befitting the present day. Utilizes C trumpets. MEDIUM ADVANCED.

Joy to the World Fanfare – $10
-Written for the Piedmont Bible College student brass quintet, this was one of my first arrangements. It is a brief setting best used as a prelude or to introduce the carol for congregational singing. The trumpet one part is playable on B-flat trumpet, but using piccolo for tonal contrast is recommended. MEDIUM, with trumpet one MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Sigfried Karg-Elert—Praise the Lord with Drums and Cymbals – $15
-Karg’s colorful and majestic setting in a transcription that pulsates for brass! Trumpets in C, with piccolo a necessity for trumpet one. A challenging piece, but well worth the effort. ADVANCED, with trumpet one ADVANCED PLUS.

Edouard Lalo—The Captive – $10
-This transcription has interesting color chords and will allow younger quintets an opportunity to play romantic-esque era music. Great for building ensemble coordination, and not technically difficult. Also a good way to improve your group’s intonation. MEDIUM-SIMPLE.

Let All Creation Praise (All Creatures of Our God and King with the Doxology) – $15
-Dedicated to the late Robert Nagel, this one has a flowing introduction and a stately center section, with energetic presentations of the All Creatures tune. The final statement interjects motives from the Doxology and closes with a surprisingly calming effect in contrast to sections that high energy. Horn and trombone carry the melody for significant sections, while tuba provides a rollicking, rhythmic energy. Trumpet figurations and flourishes add to the excitement. ADVANCED.

Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming – $12
-Written for the Stratford Brass, this carol of Praetorius stays true to its roots while adding some new flavors for modern listeners. It is MEDIUM in difficulty, with the possible exception of the horn part which ascends to a written A in one place.

Benedetto Marcello—Psalm XIX – $12
-Majestic and lively, this arrangement is sure to please. Trumpet parts are in C, with piccolo trumpet recommended for trumpet one. AiB recorded this on Just A Little Off the Top. ADVANCED.

Mighty Fortress – $15
-Incorporating music from Bach’s cantata Ein Feste Burg, this arrangement juxtaposes modern harmonies with Baroque stylings to create a unique take on Luther’s Reformation hymn. Trumpet parts are in C; all voices have challenging lines. Professionals will find the work appropriate for recitals as well as church services; college ensembles will find this a challenging piece to program. ADVANCED.

A. Mozart—Alleluia from Exsultate Jubilate – $15
-A transcription of the well-known soprano aria, trumpet one will enjoy flying up and down the scalar melismas. A good challenge for ensembles working to develop precision in the manner of classical era string ensembles. Trumpet one is written for E-flat trumpet. MEDIUM, with trumpet one MEDIUM ADVANCED.

Pezel—Suite – $17
1. Intrada
2. Sarabande
3. Gigue
-Taken from Pezel’s collection, Tower Music, these are three brief pieces that work well as a suite and are suitable for recitals, church preludes, and weddings. Piccolo trumpet is needed for trumpet one, and C trumpet for trumpet two. Between MEDIUM-ADVANCED and ADVANCED.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Voluntary on Lobe den Herren) – $15
-As recorded by AiB, this arrangement was written for the PBC student brass quintet. It can be played with a euphonium in place of tuba. Good high school and church ensembles can perform the work with practice, though the trumpet one part is slightly more intricate. MEDIUM, with trumpet one MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Henry Purcell– Old 100th (Doxology) – $15
-Purcell’s voluntary works well as an offertory or prelude, and it certainly works well in a recital. I have added a brief introduction, and re-voiced a few passages to make the trombone player’s life easier. Trumpet one has a suggested double on piccolo trumpet. MEDIUM.

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded (Brahms organ chorale transcription) – $10
-Elegant and sophisticated, Brahms commentary on this timeless chorale transcribes very well for brass. Flugelhorns are recommended. The tuba part is not difficult, but the other voices have expressive challenges that render this transcription MEDIUM to MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Samuel Scheidt—Galliard Battaglia (with optional percussion) {also available in a trumpet ensemble (5 parts) version} – $12
-The dueling trumpet battle of Scheidt’s popular piece is well-known. The accompanying low brass trio is not difficult other than the expressive and support roles that all players should endeavor to provide. Always an audience favorite. MEDIUM, with the trumpet parts MEDIUM-ADVANCED.

Silent Night – $12
-Beautiful setting of a seasonal favorite, only the final stanza will be found to be challenging, and the included ossia for trumpet one provides a practical alternative for advancing players. Trumpet parts call for doubling on flugelhorns and E-flat or B-flat trumpets. MEDIUM with stanza three MEDIUM- ADVANCED.

O Worship the King – $12
-Featuring a festive, fanfare introduction, this exciting arrangement presents the well-known hymn with altered meters and in re-harmonized stanzas before a final, majestic verse featuring tuba ostinato and piccolo trumpet descant. Trumpet one doubles E-flat trumpet and piccolo. ADVANCED.



Fanfare of Praise {4 horns, 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, 1 tuba, timpani, chimes, suspended cymbal} – $25
-This is the arrangement recorded on the SMS album Sound His Praise. It is a medley of the Doxology with A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. It requires a conductor and players secure in their technique. ADVANCED.

Fanfare on Regent Square (Angels From the Realms of Glory) {4 trumpets, 2 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani, chimes, bass drum, bells, suspended cymbal} – $20
-Written for Faith Baptist Bible College as an opener for their annual Christmas concert. The percussion section begins and builds the piece, with the low brass, horns, and finally trumpets contributing their sounds. It is bombastic and attention-getting on purpose. MEDIUM for most parts, with trumpets one and two closer to MEDIUM-ADVANCED.


WOODWIND ENSEMBLE (alternate parts may be available; use the contact form to inquire)

A Christmas Scherzo (Wassail Song, Holly and the Ivy, Wexford Carol, brief quote of We Wish You A Merry Christmas) {2 flutes, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, alto sax, bassoon} – $15

Be Thou My Vision {2 flutes, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, alto sax, bassoon} – $12

Hark the Herald Angels Sing {3 flutes, 3 clarinets, bass clarinet, alto sax, bassoon} – $12

Jesu, Joy (an arrangement of Bach’s classic) {2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 1 bass clarinet, 1 alto sax, 1 bassoon} – $15

Silent Night {2 flutes, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, alto sax, bassoon} – $12

The Solid Rock with Like A River Glorious {2 flutes, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, 2 alto saxes, bassoon} – $12


Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Rondeau from Te Deum – $25
-This regal, baroque march is designed to feature two piccolo trumpets, but it could showcase solo violins, oboes, or clarinets as long as they project appropriately. Alternately, a single player could perform as soloist without the obligato in the second, featured part at the end. MEDIUM, with the solo parts MEDIUM ADVANCED.

Please use the contact page for ordering, providing detailed information regarding titles and quantity. You will be sent an invoice, and digital files of your selections will be available once payment has been received.